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Personally Profiting off Raising Health Insurance Premiums

TURLOCK, CA – Josh Harder is trying to run, but he cannot hide from his record on health care. Josh Harder PERSONALLY PROFITED off raising health insurance premiums on hard working Americans, many of whom have pre-existing conditions.

In 2016, Josh Harder was on the investment team at Bessemer Venture Partners that invested in Bright Health, which offered insurance plans in Colorado. After that investment , in 2017 Bright Health Insurance raised premium rates 30%. Josh Harder and his partners at Bessemer Venture Partners made millions. Somebody needs to ask him why.

“It’s absolutely stunning that Josh Harder personally profited off raising health care premiums, while claiming to support the exact opposite,” said Denham Campaign Manager Josh Whitfield. “He’s either a liar, a hypocrite, or both”

What’s even worse, is Josh Harder was promoted to Vice President, in part because of his decision to invest in a health care company that raised premiums by 30%.

“I think it shows how dishonest and hypocritical my opponent is,” said Jeff Denham. “He personally profited off raising health insurance premiums on sick Americans, and then bragged about it when furthering his career”

Josh Harder wants to talk about Jeff Denham’s health care record. Why? Because he doesn’t want to talk about his.

Having never held elective office, Josh Harder can say whatever he wants without having to have evidence to back it up. For instance Josh Harder still refuses to detail how he will pay for his $32 TRILLION health care plan.

Josh Harder has failed to explain that under his plan, half of the U.S. population will lose their health insurance plan. Why? Because private health insurance will be illegal. This means that if you have health insurance through your employer, you will lose that insurance. Half of the U.S. population gets health care from their employers. Josh Harder’s plan will throw them all off their plans, not matter how much they want to keep them.

Voters need to understand just how radical Josh Harder’s health care plan is. The Denham Campaign encourages media members to read for themselves in this fact check by the Washington Post which was confirmed by, PolitiFact, the Associated Press, and CNN.

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