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Congressman’s campaign is open to a third debate as well

MODESTO, CA – Congressman Jeff Denham is pleased to announce that he has accepted two debate invitations in the race for California’s 10th Congressional District. The Congressman’s campaign is also open to a possible third debate focused on the Latino community.

“I am looking forward to debating my opponent, Mr. Harder, on the topics important to our district. These debates and the many meet-and-greets and community groups I get to talk to at home are important so that the voters can hear directly from us. Especially in today’s world where substance is often overwhelmed by rhetoric,” said Jeff Denham.

Congressman Denham has accepted an invitation to hold a debate at The House Church in Modesto, CA on 8/14/2018. The debate will be held on the topics of Public Safety, Healthcare, and Faith Issues. The format of the debate to be two minutes for each candidate to have opening statements. A coin flip will determine the order of who opens first before the start of the debate. Then each candidate will have 90 seconds to answer questions on the topics at hand submitted by the crowd and presented by the moderator, and the moderator will have the option to allow each candidate 30 seconds for additional rebuttal upon answering the questions. The candidates will then have 2 minutes for closing statements in the same order as they opened. The debate will be scheduled for 90 minutes.

The Congressman has also accepted an invitation to hold a debate with the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau to be scheduled sometime in August. The debate topics will focus on Agricultural Issues and Water. The debate will be scheduled for 90 minutes.

Also, the Congressman has directed his campaign team to respond to a debate request from Father Avila of Saint Frances of Rome parish in Riverbank, CA. This request was for a debate focused on issues relevant to the Latino community of the 10th Congressional District. Today the Campaign offered a debate under the following format to Father Avila and the Harder Campaign:

A 90-minute debate, during the August Recess, at Father Avila’s Parish. Under the same format as proposed by The House Church in Modesto, CA. With the addition that the debate will be held in Spanish and the moderation of the debate be mutually agreeable to the campaigns and host. Each candidate would have the option to use an English-to-Spanish translator at their request.

For each debate, the campaigns will be given an even distribution of tickets for seating & admittance. Signs will not be permitted, and the audience will have to agree that no demonstrations or outbursts will be permitted so that the candidates may be heard on the issues. The audience will be allowed to applaud upon answers given to show their support for a response or candidate. Audience members who fail to follow the rules of etiquette will be asked to leave the debate venue. The candidates will not be allowed to use any electronic devices of any kind, including listening devices during the debates. The Modesto Bee will be invited to stream each debate live for those who are not in attendance and offers to televise each discussion will be given to the local network affiliates of FOX, CBS, NBC, CBS Telemundo and Univision.

Lastly, Congressman Denham has agreed to a candidate’s forum with the Modesto Rotatory Club on August 21st, 2018. There will be a three-minute opening statement from both candidates. Then each candidate will have the chance to answer the same question from the rotary club.  Both candidates will be allowed three-minute closing statements.

Denham went on to add, “I look forward to welcoming Mr. Harder to these debates so that we can clearly and openly discuss topics that are important to voters, giving me the chance to provide a clear contrast with my opponent on the issues that are vital to our valley and local communities.”

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Election day is November 6th, 2018. You can learn more about Congressman Jeff Denham and his campaign by visiting