Release: Bay Area Harder Won’t Buy A Seat With Bay Area Money




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Bay Area Harder Won’t Buy A Seat With Bay Area Money

Over 99% Of Harder’s Money Comes From Outside CA-10 – Most From The Bay Area

MODESTO, CA – The Denham Campaign slammed Josh Harder’s third quarter fundraising report as proof positive of his ties to the bay area and outside liberal influences.

“Harder is about 100% reliant on people who are outside of the Valley to fund his campaign and who are committed to advancing an extreme liberal agenda,” said Josh Whitfield – Denham’s Campaign Manager. “The Valley won’t stand by and watch our values be purchased by liberal interests who want to shut down our way of life.”

The Denham Campaign has constantly pointed out that Harder’s support from the Bay Area and other liberal strongholds outside of CA-10 comes not just in the form of financial support and phone banks, but volunteers as well. Each week the Harder campaign brings in loads of people from places like Santa Clara, Berkley and San Francisco to walk in CA-10.

“I am proud of my campaign staff and volunteers who reside right here in the Valley and of the support we receive by local donors and local industry leaders,” said Jeff Denham. “Unlike my opponent, my campaign has the support of local leaders, business and labor groups who understand the importance of protecting and building water infrastructure for our future.  That is a message that will resonate within our neighborhoods.

According to Open Secrets, a watchdog website, 99% of Harder’s fundraising is generated from outside of the congressional district he wants to represent.

For more information, contact Josh Whitfield at (209)-985-1784

Election day is November 6th, 2018. You can learn more about Congressman Jeff Denham and his campaign by visiting