Modesto Police Officers Association Slams “Local Media” Outlet For Unwarranted Attacks, Endorses Rep. Jeff Denham for Reelection

MODESTO, CA – – The Modesto Police Officers Association (MPOA) have strongly endorsed Rep. Jeff Denham for reelection to the 10th Congressional District and they didn’t mince words in their endorsement at the displeasure of a certain local newspaper and their recent treatment of Rep. Jeff Denham.


“In a time of political uncertainty and unwarranted attacks on you by our local media, MPOA continues to stand behind you and your local work for the citizens of Modesto,” said MPOA Sgt. At Arms Doug Ridenour Jr. “Your countless efforts to improve our district do not go unnoticed by the MPOA and for this reason you have our continued support.”


The Modesto Police Officers Association represents the 198 rank and file police officers who work and live in Modesto.


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