Eggman Campaign continues to copy and paste DCCC attacks

Today Michael Eggman (D-Kingsburg) released a new ad attacking Jeff Denham using the same talking points Pelosi recruits have used across the country.

“Voters in this election are concerned about real issues like keeping their doctor or which candidate has a plan to bring jobs to the Valley,” said Dave Gilliard, spokesman for Jeff Denham. “Eggman cannot run on his support of Obamacare or the rest of the Obama/Pelosi agenda so it is no surprise that his campaign has been entirely negative.”

Here are just some of the false claims Michael Eggman has been making this campaign.

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham voted to shut down the government

TRUTH: Jeff Denham never voted to shut down the government.  Denham voted to keep the government open while putting us on a path to reduce our $17 trillion dollar debt. 

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham kept his paycheck during the shutdown

TRUTH: Jeff Denham donated his paycheck to the local Salvation Army to help homeless veterans. The same Salvation Army where he volunteers to serve dinner to veterans who are in crisis.  He’s also donated part of his pay every year to wounded warriors.

Jeff Denham also voted for H.R. 325: No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013, which President Obama signed into law. Also per the 27th Amendment to the Constitution Congress can change the pay it receives for only a future Congress.

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham forced taxpayers to foot the bill for first class airfare and perks for Members of Congress.

TRUTH: Jeff Denham voted for the House Budget Bill that explicitly forbids first class airfare for Members of Congress and makes the operations of the House more efficient. The relevant section of the bill is below:

(1) The House of Representatives must be a model for the responsible stewardship of taxpayer resources and therefore must identify any savings that can be achieved through greater productivity and efficiency gains in the operation and maintenance of House services and resources like printing, conferences, utilities, telecommunications, furniture, grounds maintenance, postage, and rent. This should include a review of policies and procedures for acquisition of goods and services to eliminate any unnecessary spending. The Committee on House Administration should review the policies pertaining to the services provided to Members and committees of the House, and should identify ways to reduce any subsidies paid for the operation of the House gym, barber shop, salon, and the House dining room.

(2) No taxpayer funds may be used to purchase first class airfare or to lease corporate jets for Members of Congress.

(3) Retirement benefits for Members of Congress should not include free, taxpayer-funded health care for life

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham receives a “gold plated” Congressional Pension and Health Care.

TRUTH: Jeff Denham participates in the same retirement program as every other civilian federal employee. There have been no special pensions for any Member of Congress elected since 1984.  During his time in office, Jeff Denham has never accepted government paid health care.

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham supported privatizing your Social Security

TRUTH: Jeff Denham has never voted for any bill that would privatize Social Security and never would. Jeff Denham has fought to preserve Social Security for future generations and put the program on a sustainable footing.

For his support of a secure retirement Jeff Denham has been awarded the “Guardian of Seniors Rights”Award by the 60 Plus Association and recognized for his work on behalf of seniors by organizations like theNational Grange, RetireSafe and the Association of Mature American Citizens.

FALSE CLAIM: Jeff Denham cut your Medicare

TRUTH: The only bill signed into law to reduce Medicare was Obamacare, which cut $716 Billion from Medicare. These cuts including benefit reductions for Medicare Advantage participants, a program that over 60,000 Stanislaus and San Joaquin County residents rely on for their healthcare.